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Volvo C30x axles & other parts

2005-09-26 15:35 #0 av: PetrPeS

Hallo all,

I look for portal axles from series C30x for sale. We want to buy this complete portal axles (whole pairs - front and rear) Has someone it for sale or Does someone know some tip where I can ask for it ?

We need only axles and maybe gerboxes - It will be for building racing cars for some peoples in our country - Czech Republic ;-)

Thnks, Petr

2005-10-05 23:13 #1 av: volvo_viking

Ask www.bjm.se but I doubt it...


2005-10-06 10:24 #2 av: Klas_B









2009-03-30 16:59 #3 av: PetrPeS

Hello all !

I'm here after long time and I would like to make the best offer for all !

During the time we looked for volvo parts and etc. and get to know that the "damask" is hard to buy or beter is "to cheap buy". So we made it itself and now we can offer it for the best price I thing.

If the somebody could look, the offer is on website www.volvo4x4.eu

Nice day for all guys !



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