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M47 into a 80 C202?

2014-05-21 13:01 #0 av: zaks90v8

Ok sorry for in English but my English is bad enough That You would be laughing the whole time.

I found the other thread about Replacing the m45 trans with a m47. Im using Google translate and dont understand alot of the posts.


Anyways I see That You Have to move the engine forward. Im going to install a forward electric fan. (Helps That You can shut it off in the the mud / water) not sure if i need to move a radiator. 

The linkages i dont really care about. I have a welder and i can make somthing work.

But im not sure about the output to the F51 t-case. Are the shafts the same. Do you just switch over the output housing / mount from the m45?

Their are some local business here in Vaggeryd That'll keep advertising waterjet cutting (stole ect). So im sure i can get basic adapters made.  http://www.blocket.se/jonkoping/Precisionsvattenskuren_maskinkomponent_52659158.htm?ca=17&w=1

Any help i would appreciate thanks!   


2014-05-22 14:10 #1 av: zaks90v8

Rewrite.. Ok sorry for in English but my Swedish is bad enough that You would be laughing the whole time.

translate jump the gun and changed it for me lol. 


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